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Landmark Christian School employs outstanding faculty whose dedication to their craft and devotion to students make each day exciting at Landmark Christian.

As a college preparatory school, Landmark Christian prepares every student for each successive step of their academic careers. However, these ambitions are not limited to scholastic alone. Landmark educates the whole body, mind, and spirit providing each student with the tools and mentoring necessary to be successful in and out of the classroom and to prepare each to make an impact for Jesus Christ.

Landmark Christian teachers view the curriculum as a dynamic entity, something that must be carefully crafted to ensure that traditional strengths endure while new possibilities are captured. With small class sizes and personalized attention, they help students discover their passions and develop their talents. They also help students acquire knowledge and develop fundamental academic processes while sharpening their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Students are taught to read, write, and think analytically across the disciplines and at all grade levels. The latest technologies are integrated into the collaborative classroom, allowing modern and capable learners. To complement the academic experience, a variety of opportunities are offered for participation and leadership in the School community. And above all, all of our faculty and staff are believers of Jesus Christ and work earnestly to model His behavior and bring students closer to Him. With Advisories, daily Bible classes, a dedicated Spiritual Life Team, weekly chapel, and a foundation that the Bible is the root of the curriculum, through character, word, and action, students are prepared to impact the world for Jesus Christ. Whether in or out of the classroom, Landmark Christian encourages students to realize their potential.

Landmark Christian School employs godly world-class faculty and staff as mentors and educators at every school level, elementary school, middle school, and high school. They are experts in their fields and experts in preparing students to impact the world for Jesus Christ. At Landmark Christian, faculty and staff invest in the lives of the students and know them well, love them well, and prepare them well.
Ongoing professional development for faculty and staff is a critical piece to providing rich, rewarding, and relevant teaching and leadership appropriate to today's classroom. Professional development days are built into the calendar year specifically for faculty and staff training often with nationally and internationally known speakers, mentors, and advisors presenting best practices and ideas for implementation. Faculty and staff also attend workshops, seminars, webinars, and continuing education programs on their own and with peers, some of them teaching at these peer events. Additionally, Landmark Christian is part of the Grand Canyon Christian Schools Consortium who provides expert-led professional development services, coaching, mentoring, consultation and strategic planning. 

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Every student prepared to impact the world for Jesus Christ

Landmark Christian School

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